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-From supplier selection to parts procurement-

Zero carbon logistics
Make international transportation carbon-neutral

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<Providing service>
1. Visualize CO2 emissions with our carbon calculator.
2. Grant a considerable amount of emission credits
   to offset CO2 emissions. 
3. Issuance of emission credit credit certificate. 

* CO2 emissions: Categories 4 and 9 (Logistics)in Scope 3 of the GHG protocol.
* Offset: This is a method for reducing emissions in carbon-neutral measures.

Please also refer to the following services for information on reducing CO2 emissions through

efficient transportation.

​ What is VtoV?   URL:

<Customer benefits>

​1. Can work on Scope 3 of the GHG protocol

2. It is possible to procure emission credits for CO2 generated in international logistics.

3. Credit procurement and international logistics arrangements are possible at the same   correspondence window

When using this service,
Please check the " Zero Carbon Logistics Usage " page.
You can make a request from Streams CONNECTED .


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