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​Business introduction

Introducing our business.


Digital platform for international transportation.   It offers a whole new international transportation experience.   

  • 10 seconds logistics cost estimate   

  • Request a quote for web completion   

  • From ordering to dynamic status   

  • Carbon Calculator (in preparation)  


We provide professional services to strengthen your supply chain.

  • Vender to Vender (VV)

  • Procurement of mass-produced parts / Development of sales destinations

  • Customs Consulting (EPA / FTA / Latin America)

  • Utilization of RFID

  • Supply chain visualization app

  • Techno Park

  • Business succession

  • Decarbonization of packing materials


Creating a future mobility society

Open innovation platform

  • First Toyota Group

  • Completely free

  • Same-day project posting

Creating next-generation "things" and "things"

We will boost by co-creation.


Realize a sustainable future society.

To the challenge of global innovation

We will actively support development and investment.


With advanced technology and service models

To transform the value chain and change the future

Streams CAPITAL is developed and supported by investment.

Accelerate collaboration with start-up companies and realization of new businesses.


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