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‐ ​M&A and Business succession brokerage -

Strengthen Japan’s World Class Manufacturing Industry
through M&A and business succession

We have started M&A and business succession service that focuses on the manufacturing industry.

With the environment surrounding business changing rapidly,

M&A and business succession for corporate growth are becoming one of the options that affect management.

Toyota Tsusho's online platform "Streams" offers support as an operating company to more than

60,000 customers at 10,000 companies, mainly in the manufacturing industry.

Among them, we receive consultations on M&A and business succession from corporate managers and executives.

Incu M&A画像.png

With Toyota Tsusho's unique network centered on the manufacturing industry,

when there is a need for acquisition or transfer of a company or business

we can propose buyers and or acquirers.

Through such service, customer's can further grow their business through M&A and business succession,

which will eventually contribute to the further development of the manufacturing industry that Japan is

proud of in the world.

In addition, we also offer various business support, including investment and business alliances from our company for your business growth.

Please feel free to consult us from the following.

Consultations are completely free.

In addition, we will invest, jointly invest,We also accept various business support including business alliances.

First of all,Please register your project.

There is no problem even at the examination stage.

If there is a target project, we will contact you.

completely free.

M&A consideration case

​*Some information is posted after confirming the intention of the company under consideration.

​For other inquiries, please contact us below.


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