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Improving productivity by concentrating on core businesses

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

In times when everything changes rapidly due to the development of technology, "selection and concentration of business" has become an important decision to make.

ur customers can focus their resources on production and development of new products, while Toyota Tsusho Group's "V-V Service" can efficiently and effectively support the international transportation and supply and demand management.

The Toyota Tsusho Group will collectively transport and sell not only in-house products but also outsourced products to overseas customers. Below is an example of Company A.


・ Large amounts of time spent on coordination with multiple domestic suppliers for many exports of outsourced products

・ Large amounts of time spent adjusting the delivery date and order process with multiple overseas customers

・ Difficulty improving productivity, stepping away from core business (manufacturing).

Quality: Too much labor spent on quality control due to products not being made in-house

Cost: High logistics cost with small amount of cargo shipment due to customer order request

High adjustment costs (time) for various handling process, especially with the time difference

High cost structure due to difficulty improving efficiency and not focusing on the core business

Delivery: Long lead time for delivery to customer when shipping with a small amount of cargo (LCL)


・ By using the Toyota Tsusho Group's V-V service, we can deliver parts to customers "easily and cheaply".

Quality: Central management of where, what, and how much goods exist, eliminating cargo loss and document errors.

Cost: Space-based billing = cost reduction due to consolidated loading in the container.

The Toyota Tsusho Group handles all exchanges between the two countries.

Interest rate reduction by various adjustment of labor and improvement of cash flow (C / F).

Delivery: Standardized delivery schedule by regular delivery.

Reduced inventory space of import / export country by planned transportation.

Benefits of utilizing the Toyota Tsusho Group

[Cost] Achieved cost reduction of 30 million yen / year

[Logistics quality] Eliminate lost cargo / shipping location error / document error, etc.

[Finance] Reduce working capital and decrease debt.

As a result of the above, Company A is currently concentrating and focusing its internal resources on the development of new products.

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