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Logistics efficiency is improved by reviewing product packaging!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

The manufacturing industry, which Japan is proud of, continues to study and evolve every day with the aim of developing and manufacturing better products. On the other hand, although weight reduction and streamlining of products has improved, there are cases where efficiency of transportion is yet to be realized.

Optimal packaging is indispensable for product transportation and the packing materials are equally important.

The Toyota Tsusho Group owns packing companies that exceed 10,000 boxes per day and knowledge and packing materials that emphasize logistics efficiency to support that business.

In order to transport the wonderful products manufactured by our customers more safely and efficiently, we are always looking into not only transportation efficiency but also packing materials that guarantees transportation quality.


Before improvement

・ Only a few types of packaging materials exist, resulting in wasted space inside the box.

・ Large amounts of empty space inside the container.

This leads to the following:

Quality: High possibility that parts will move inside the box or container, adding concern that product quality will be adversely affected.

Cost: Wasted space and wasteful costs are incurred.

Delivery: Inefficient delivery causing an excess amount of delivery to meet customer demand.

After improvement

-Adoption of materials that match the size of parts by utilizing a wide variety of packaging materials.

・ Logistics efficiency is improved by using a dedicated rack that matches the container size!

Quality: No need to worry about parts moving inside the box or container, ensuring product quality.

Cost: Minimizing cost by maximizing space both inside the box and inside the container.

Delivery: Achieves optimized quantity of delivery that makes the best use of space

Benefits of Toyota Tsusho's packaging and container management system

・ Maintain product quality without worrying about parts moving inside boxes and containers

・ Maximum space utilization both inside the box and inside the container

・ Minimize costs by billing only for the space used

・ Achieves delivery that makes maximum effective use of space

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