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Only when you need the number you need

We will start selling "CONNECTED SPOT", a container transportation service.
This time, we are targeting the North American region, where there is a particular shortage of marine shipping containers these days

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・A shipping container for North America is required.
・If it is a new booking request, it is required to be used all year round,
so it does not fit.

Cannot find an empty container when you want to use the container


This service is a service that introduces and provides marine shipping containers obtained by Streams using its own network to companies who have problems with international transportation due to the recent shortage of containers at the timing when they can be used. ..

While the shipper usually contacts the shipping company,
At CONNECTED SPOT, for customers who have registered for
Sends available container information.
Customers who wish to use the container,
You can request it at Streams CONNECTED .

<Customer benefits>

1.Online applications are available

2.After the application was finalized,
   the booking information issued immediately

​3.No subscription required

Registration to Streams CONNECTED is required for actual use.
After registering for Streams CONNECTED, we will inform you about CONNECTED SPOT.


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