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-From supplier selection to parts procurement-

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Strengthen the supply chain,
Various professional services

Proposal from Toyota Tsusho


Streams Solutions, 6 functions

Vender to Vender (VtoV)

Consolidated logistics service with a global supply network (Vendor to Vender)

Supply chain visualization

Supply chain visualization promotion function using Resilire

Immediate detection of risk information

Detecting a wide range of domestic and overseas incident information using Resilire

Emergency response

A service that utilizes on-site capabilities to visualize the inventory status in a timely manner in the event of an emergency

Risk scoring

Scoring service that visualizes corporate resilience

Examination of double track route

Strengthen the supplier base by utilizing the data bank of parts manufacturers

Supply chain building Partnership program

In terms of supply chain management and initiatives, in addition to the conventionally required "operation", we will provide various support as a partner for building your supply chain, including "design".

If you are interested in the following, please contact us from "Contact".


Supply chain building partnerships (including consideration of capital and business alliances)


Integrated commercial and physical distribution management scheme for specific routes


Supply chain visualization and risk management service


Other individual services


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