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Streams Bidding

​We offer competitive rates that take advantage of Toyota Tsusho's cargo volume.

Service features


​ low price

Rate negotiation under the Toyota Tsusho Group cargo volume


Selectable Logistics Only/
Commercial business 

Logistics only:
Using Toyotsu Logistics Co.'s FWD function
Commercial business:
Use Toyota Tsusho Co.'s trading company functions

​Annual fixed rate

Fixed annual rate,
No change during the period
(*Excluding some lanes)

​1. Inquiry

​Please contact us from
below inquiry form.


​2. Meeting

​ Let us set the various conditions
(ex: origin/arrival information/
free time).


​3. Rate offer

We will contact you in late January.
​Rates available from April 2023.


Service applying schedule




Rate offer

Final adjustments

​Rate application start

​ ~ 11/11 (Friday)

​ ~ 12/9 (Friday)

​~Late January


​April ~

When considering using the service

Reference when you selecting logistics only / commercial business.
(based on each demands.)

Commercial business

logistics only

・Want to avoid the rate fluctuations
・Want to use a rate that takes advantage of cargo volume
・Want to start CO2 reduction​
​ (→ Reduce the number of containers by full loading)

・There is a problem with local inventory space
・Want to shorten the payment period
・Want to use environmentally friendly 
    packaging materials
・Want to unify the payment/receipt currency


◆ Durban (South Africa)

◆ Los Angeles (USA)

◆ Savannah (USA)

◆ Manzanillo (Mexico)


◆ Manila (Philippines)

◆ Ho Chin Min (Vietnam)

◆ Nansha(China)

Huang Phu (China)

Lane in which Toyota Tsusho is confident (= large cargo volume)

◆ Laem Chabang (Thailand)

◆ Jakarta (Indonesia)

◆ Nhava Sheva (India)

◆ Chennai (India)

◆ Mundra (India)

Points to note
・Limited to containers. (Special containers are excluded.)
・Some routes are not available.
・We will consult with you depending on the conditions.
    (Place of payment, free time, dangerous goods, reefer, etc.)
​・If you have existing business with our company or our group, please let us know.
    We cannot support some cases.


Please contact us if you are interested.

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Thank you!
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