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The smartest international logistics are accessible and easy.

Introducing the benefits of using Streams CONNECTED

10 seconds logistics cost estimate   

Instantly obtain advantageous rate / market rate information

Request a quote online


One-stop support from request for quotation to completion of transportation

​Online management of trade documents

Contribute to paperless operations

Carbon calculator

You can calculate the amount of CO2 emissions emitted during transportation simply by selecting the starting point and destination.

Please use it for considering switching from Air transportation to SEA transportation and considering the introduction of decarbonized packaging.

​Make international transportation carbon-neutral. By offsetting the CO2 emissions generated by transportation by credit,

It is possible to work on Scope3. We can handle it at the same window as for transportation arrangements.

​For companies facing difficulties in international transportation due to a shortage of containers and soaring prices.

It is a service that allows you to utilize the container as much as you need, when you need it.

​ To use it, you need to register for Streams CONNECTED .

Streams Connected Introductory Video

Introducing Streams Connected with a video

Streams Connected operation video

I will explain how to use Streams Connected with a video

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