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CO2 reduction/Cost reduction by eliminating truck idling (Blackburn Energy Inc, USA)

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Please focus on this post if you dedicate to truck driving, on road logistics, transportation vehicle equipment etc. and considering for CO2/cost reduction.


Blackburn Energy Inc, a startup company in The United States of America who has developed a product that can contribute to solving the idling problem (noise, fuel cost, CO2 emissions), which is one of the major issues in the transportation industry. Toyota Tsusho America (TAI) invested at the end of 2021 and TAI is planning to expand not only in the United States, but also worldwide.

<Product description>

RelGen 🄬 is a product that generating highly efficient power by capturing the kinetic energy from the spinning force of a drive shaft. A belt transmits this kinetic energy to an alternator where it is converted into electricity. Generated electricity is stored for later use to power like electric APUs (Auxiliary Power Unit) for long-haul hotel loads, or liftgate. RelGen 🄬 allows long-haul drivers and liftgate operators to reduce fuel and maintenance costs related to engine idling.

* RelGen overview image

* Lift gate truck

<Advantages of RelGen 🄬 >

Advantage of eliminating main engine idling during the rest of driver (on the assumption that driver take the 10 hours rest per day)

1. Fuel Cost Reduction

Maximum annual cost reduction of approx. 2,900 gal. due to fuel consumption of 1 gal/h for the main engine idling. (= 14,500 USD *calculated by Diesel price 5 USD/Gal)

2. Co2 emission reduction

Maximum annual Co2 emission reduction of approx. 29T is possible. *Calculated by diesel emission factor (0.01018T-Co2/gal).

3. Comply Idling Regulation

There are several regulations in some states/regions of U.S. This product enables us to comply any regulation for idling.

4. Improve Driver Satisfaction

Electric APU is significantly quieter than engine-based APU systems. The power to run the devices that make the sleeper cab feel more like home. RelGen satisfies fast and full charge that maximizes the value of electric APU and driver’s comfort during the rest.

5. Battery life Improvement

Battery friendly charging by high efficiency charging & SOC (States of Charge) monitoring system.

<Introduction in Toyota Tsusho Group>

The Product has been introduced to the Toyota Tsusho Group transportation subsidiary in the U.S. and the product used in an actual operation. The feedback from the driver is very positive, and the superiority in the data has been confirmed.

<Corporate information>

Company name: Blackburn Energy Inc

Established: 2014

Location: 32 Forest Ridge Dr. Rowley, MA 01969

Representative: Andrew Amigo ( CEO )

Please contact from below if you are interested for more details.

Toyota Tsusho group will support you with quick and friendly responce as a sales distributor for Blackburn products/services.

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