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Fluid prediction AI system

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

[Published by: Arithmer Inc.]

Inundation damage prediction & estimation / identification of gas diffusion source / visualization of carbon emission is conducted in an overwhelmingly fast analysis time with AI technology and simulation

The "fluid prediction AI system" predicts the water depth at unmeasured points with high accuracy from 3D topographical data and measured data ​​of various water depths. This speeds up the process time of insurance payments in the event of a flood.

Features of fluid prediction AI system

◇ Automation of conventional sensory work by utilizing AI for parameter estimation

◇ Significant reduction in calculation cost with AI and simulation

◇ Conduct analysis with a small number of data and trials

Examples of fluid pediction AI system utilization

Inundation height prediction before river flooding

Before a flood occurs, we predict the possibility of a flood several hours in advance based on weather data and use it for disaster prevention and mitigation.

Estimated inundation damage after river flooding

After a flood occurs, you can grasp the flood damage situation and use it to speed up the insurance payment process.

Introductory solution

Arithmer Fluid Prediction AI System

"Fluid prediction AI system" can be applied to various infrastructures.

[Arithmer Inc.]

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Arithmer is a company that solves social problems with mathematics. We are developing an advanced AI engine that applies modern mathematics. In addition to improving work efficiency and automation, our service makes it also possible to implement specialized technologies that are difficult to inherit and technologies that cannot be realized by human hands. As a result, we will provide technologies that contribute to people, society and the environment, with a safe and secure social infrastructure system through disaster countermeasures and traffic accident prevention, as well as the development of innovative drugs.

Arithmer aims to solve social problems by mathematics

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