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Efficiency of logistics by container round use!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Container round use (CRU) is an operation in which the container used at the time of import is not returned to the port, but is directly loaded with export cargo and exported.

It is very effective not only for reducing drayage cost, but also for taking measures against carbon neutrality (CN: reduction of CO2 emissions by reducing truck transportation), which has been attracting attention in recent years.

What is container round use?

Effect of container round use (example: Toyota Tsusho records)

An example of using CRU in collaboration with shipper, Company C: import products → return and export packaging materials

Round-trip drayage (about 40km one way) from Nagoya Port CY to a warehouse in Toyota City. Number of runs per year: Approximately 600 times (for 50 containers per month).

[Drayage cost reduction]

Approximately 9 million yen annually (600 round-trip drayage costs) reduced!

[Reduction of CO2 emissions]

Annual reduction of 120,000 kg!

Calculation method = CO2 emissions of trucks on a 40km one-way drayage are approximately 100kg.

600 times x 100 kg x 2 (round trip).

Although we recognize that there are high hurdles to implement container round use, we can support your business to make it feasible. Please feel free to contact us!

[Items of management (example)]

Warehouse management

Adjustment of shipping schedule for import and export

Coordination of customs clearance between imports and exports

Individual contract with shipping company

(Since the container is an asset of the shipping company, individual arrangements are essential) etc.

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