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Prevent line stop!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Sometimes urgent air shipments are unavoidable to prevent line stopping for the customer.

Between the enormous cost of air transportation and the current trend of "carbon neutrality (CN)," air shipment is not an ideal transportation method.

The Toyota Tsusho Group manages inventory and orders to minimize various risks in response to the problems mentioned above. We implement transportation by sea at a low cost.


Before improvement

・ Sloppy inventory management, frequent crisis of line stop.

High cost due to urgent air transportation and shipping.

Quality: Due to many urgent arrangements, product quality control becomes neglected.

Cost: Burden of high air costs. Increase in warehouse management labor and space costs due to complicated inventory management.

Delivery: Sea shipment and air shipment are mixed up, making movement control impossible.

After improvement

・ The Toyota Tsusho Group is in charge of inventory and order management, and standardizes and visualizes inventory in the supply chain. Contributes to the reduction of sudden emergency shipments.

Quality: With standardized work, goods are shipped with packaging specifications that confirm quality maintenance

Cost: Reduced additional high costs for emergency air shipments, relies solely on sea shipments

Delivery: Utilize regular shipping by sea with appropriate inventory and order management.

Focus on getting necessary goods at the necessary amount, only when necessary

Benefits of Toyota Tsusho's inventory and order management system

・ Reduction of unnecessary air transportation by early detection of unusual activity

・ Improved ordering accuracy by visualizing inventory on the pipeline

・ Improved flexibility to production fluctuations

・ Space reduction by reducing inventory

・ Reduction of working capital and decrease of debt

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