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Procurement of price-competitive parts from all over the world (Vietnam edition)!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Southeast Asian and East Asian countries have been positioned as "regions that manufacture price-competitive parts" among automobile manufacturers.

"Even if you want to procure more competitive parts, it is difficult to find a procurement candidate ..."

"Stable transportation route cannot be secured ..."

These are some voices we hear from clients.

Our company will propose and support the procurement of market-competitive parts from Southeast Asian and East Asian countries while closely following the needs of our customers.

【Case example】

Selection of target parts and target country in collaboration with an American customer (Company A)

→ Based on the inquiry received, introduced a Vietnamese supplier who had a track record of delivering to the same OEM with existing parts

Proposal of optimal procurement business model

→ Proposed a plan including unit price of parts sold, supplier process audit support, and ordering / inventory management.

Implementation of actual operation design and parts procurement

→ Created a large schedule for switching to existing parts and supported the cooperation with related companies as a facilitator. Also assisted with the on-site process audits of candidate suppliers required by Company A.

Secured as a mass-produced part

→ With no problems in price and quality, a deal was secured as a mass-produced part.


Achieved a cost reduction of ▲ 15% compared to existing products!

This case was also adopted in Brazil following the success in the United States.

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