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Reduction of tariffs at the time of import by applying EPA!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

For international transactions, tariffs are an inseperable issue.

However, tariffs are not always levied, and tariff-free / reduction of tax rates are possible if you understand the economic agreements of each country and take appropriate measures.

With that considered, the amount of information to be confirmed and prepared is enormous, and the necessary procedures are complicated and time-consuming.

Some customers state the following: "The reduction of tariffs in EPAs and FTAs ​​is attractive, but considering our limited number of labor and resources in the company, it's hard to handle…"

Toyota Tsusho will provide maximum support for this problem.

An example using EPA by company A, the shipper.

[Importing country] India

[Product] Parts for motorcycles (switch related)

For the application of EPA in India, we organized the application information and carried out various proxy applications to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As a result, the following cost reduction was achieved by applying the EPA. Company A's price competitiveness was further improved, contributing to continued orders from the Indian customer.

Before applying EPA: 800,000 yen / month

After applying EPA: 0 yen / month

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